How Much Does A Texas Fishing License Cost?

Resident Texas Fishing License Prices

For Texas Residents:

  • All Water Fishing license costs $11.00/day and $40.00/year.
  • Freshwater Fishing license costs $30.00/year.
  • Saltwater Fishing license costs $35.00/year.

Non-Resident Texas Fishing license Prices

For Texas Non-Residents:

  • All Water Fishing License costs $16.00/day and $68.00/year.
  • Freshwater Fishing License costs $58.00/year.
  • Saltwater Fishing License costs $63.00/year.

Who Needs A Fishing License In Texas?

If you’re 17 or older, you need to have a fishing license on public waters in Texas. This applies to activities like bow-fishing, netting and handling caught fish.

Texas has freshwater and saltwater licenses. 

If you want to do both, Texas also offers an All Water license.

Different Types Of Texas Fishing Licenses.

Like many states, Texas has different types of licenses for all sorts of outdoor activities. And fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Texas. The state hosts great fishing opportunities for both freshwater and saltwater anglers. 

On the freshwater side, Texas is known for its outstanding Largemouth Bass fishing. Many high profile Bass Tournaments are held in Texas every year. 

Texas has a great inshore saltwater fishery too. Redfish are very popular along the Gulf Coast of Texas. There are even redfish tournaments held along the coast.

Lifetime Texas Fishing License

If you’re a Texas resident you can even opt to buy a Lifetime Texas Fishing License. 

You can get a lifetime license for either fishing or hunting. 

They’re currently selling for $1000. You can get a combined Hunting and Fishing lifetime license for $1800. But remember, these are only for Texas residents.

Senior And Military Discounts For Texas Fishing License

There are also Senior Citizen and Military discounts available. The senior citizen discount only applies to state residents. The price for a Freshwater Fishing License for one year is $12.00. 

The Saltwater Fishing License is $17.00/year. Finally, the All Water Fishing License for Seniors is $22.00/year.

Additional Endorsements

If you already have a Freshwater or Saltwater License and want to fish the other type, you can buy an “endorsement.” For example, if you have a Freshwater Fishing License and you want to buy the Saltwater endorsement, you can do so for $5.00.

Exceptions To The Texas Fishing License Requirement

On the first Saturday in June, Texas has a free fishing day. On this day, there is no requirement for a fishing license for recreational fishing. If you are under the age of 17 you do not need a fishing license for recreational fishing in Texas. 

Fishing licenses are not required to fish on waters completely within private property.

Anglers can also enjoy free fishing all year at Texas State Parks. A fishing license is not required on any waters completely enclosed by a state park. 

Man-made structures on the state park waters are included.  Line and pole fishing is allowed and a maximum of two poles may be used by each angler. Please check with the park before you go and check for any additional regulations. To learn more about state park fishing regulations, click here:

Redfish Tag

If you plan on keeping a Redfish over 28 inches in length, you’ll need a Redfish Tag. One tag is included with your saltwater fishing license. 

Fishing On Texas Border States

Texas has a reciprocal license agreement with Louisiana. Licensed anglers may fish the following boundary waters:

  • Caddo Lake
  • Toledo Bend Reservoir
  • Sabine River
  • Sabine Lake
  • Sabine Pass

Louisiana residents who are 65 years old or older may fish in Texas public waters as long as they possess valid Louisiana resident licenses. For more details check with either states’ DNR. 

Where Can I Buy A Texas Fishing License?

Buy Your Texas Licenses online by visiting this website: You can also visit the Texas Park and Wildlife Department offices. Many sporting goods retailers statewide also sell Texas Fishing Licenses.

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